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Roll labels are a cost-effective way to order beautiful custom stickers or labels in bulk. You can order custom roll labels and stickers in any custom die-cut shape or size, making them perfect for packaging labels or for use at events.

Our custom roll labels come in a wide variety of materials that make them perfect for corporate or personal use. Our custom roll labels ensure that your logo adds the perfect finishing touch to custom commercial business products, or customized gifts for any occasion.


  • Clear Roll Labels
  • Durable Roll Labels
  • Foil Labels
  • Matte Labels
  • Writeable Roll Labels


Metal Stamping is used to create highly accurate and quality results repeatedly over time. As this is a very important part of any precision metal manufacturing process, the metal stamping dies must be made with careful precision.

Precision metal stamping can involve several processes, including: metal punching, metal coining, metal embossing, blanking, and bending to create a final metal stamped product. Most Stampings are performed on sheet-metal, but other materials can be used, such as aluminum stamping, stainless steel stamping, beryllium tamping, foil stamping.

Products from metal stamping dies are all around us, from the key to your car to the chair you are sitting in. For more information on Diemasters Metal Stamping services, please click here to visit our Metal Stamping page.


Metal and plastic nameplates play a critical role when relaying vital information to your customers and employees.

Nameplates convey messages anywhere from promoting your company brand to communicating critical product information, such as serial numbers, safety/warning or 2D barcode information. Exit Inc. metal and plastic nameplates will uphold the quality and durability that you have come to expect.
Let Exit Inc. print your static information on your custom manufactured nameplates. The less variable data required on the nameplate, the less time spent on your machine, thus increasing your industry return on investment, ROI.

Consider the below when determining material for your next nameplate:

  • Appearance
  • Length of use
  • Environment
  • Application
  • Theft Protection
  • Identification for insurance claims
  • Serial Tags


Exit Inc. manufactures custom screen-printed and die-cut decals, with 100% of our manufacturing done in-house. Custom decals can be used in an endless variety of applications, from temporary to the most harsh environments.

The uses of decals are equally as varied: graphics such as pre-spaced lettering, danger decals, and instruction labels can convey essential information, while the bold visual impact of adhesive logos and graphics can be an essential part of the brand development of your product or service.

We screen print to produce a vibrant and durable product with consistent colors. Die cutting is used in addition to screen printing, or as a separate process to create any number of shapes for your graphics, logo, or pre-spaced lettering. We offer both thermal die cutting and steel-rule die cutting.

Decals can be produced for either indoor or outdoor use. Indoor and other less-demanding uses allow for use of less-expensive vinyls in manufacturing your decals. Alternatively, we can help you choose materials and inks for the most weatherproof, waterproof, and UV-resistant uses; over-laminate can be used for additional protection.